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Space Junk and the Climate Crisis

It’s hard to believe that since humanity first ventured into space in 1957, we have already managed to pollute the orbital environment to such a significant extent. This debris poses a serious threat as it can stay in orbit for a few decades or all the way up to a thousand years. It’s all on a collision course with other space debris, operational satellites, and even our lone humans in space.

Satellite Constellations

Satellite Constellations A few satellites just don’t do the job anymore. Satellite constellations were created to meet the demand for global connectedness and the incredible amount of data required to keep us up and running. Read more…

Space Debris: Who Owns the Junk?

Establishing an Orbital Commons Earth’s orbits are regarded as a commons, a resource to which no individual actor holds exclusive title (Vogler 1995, 2); an “environmental object” which should not be appropriated to any individual Read more…